Get to Know Ms. Hot Sauce:

Hot sauce is a widely loved additive that naturally enhances the flavor of anything it's combined with. It transforms the ordinary, boring and bland into the spicy, fiery and instantly more desirable.

Ms. Hot Sauce formerly known as Danielle Johnson has encompassed the essence of hot sauce, combining her spicy sex appeal and fiery sense of humor to any stage and/or airwaves. Born in Boston Massachusetts, 32 year old Hot Sauce is a radio personality, event host and entrepreneur. Starting her journey in 2009 as a nightclub host, Hot Sauce continued her road to success becoming a radio personality on Boston's urban radio station 87.7. With an increase in listenership and an increase in visibility, Hot Sauce was able to spread her wings and created a branded podcast and event series called Henny and Hotwings, which took a life of its own. Touching on risqué topics and honing in on everyday life,

Henny and Hotwings has expanded its reach. In 2016, Hot Sauce switched gears and started hosting a morning show on Boston's multicultural radio station Big City 88.5FM. There, she has continued to expand her brand and increase her following of both young and seasoned.

As an event host, Hot Sauce brings an undeniable energy, grace, excitement and sense of professionalism to any and every stage, sidewalk, platform or runway that she graces. Her confidence, style and sense of self brings smiles to anyone able to witness her in her element. Her antics and down to earth nature solidifies her as the best all around personalities. No event is too big or too small to add a little Hot Sauce to it!

Find Hotsauce on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram @mshotsauce2u

What is Hot Sauce:

Well, it's a well known, and widely loved additive that naturally enhances the flavor of anything you add it to, transforming the ordinary, boring and bland, into something fiery, hot and spicy. Similarly, Hot Sauce is also Danielle Johnson, aka the RED PUMP BANDIT, Boston's favorite event host and on air personality who has been consistently heatin’ up Boston's nightlife and airwaves for the past 5 years with her spicy sex appeal, fiery sense of humor and too hot to handle personality.

Hot Sauce (in both these cases) is an essential, and it honestly just makes everything better! So whether it's Frank's on your food, or Danielle in the DJ booth, hosting your next event, we suggest that you put that sh*t on EVERYTHING!

But lets get back to business:

Saucy, as she is lovingly called by her family, friends and fans, in an un deniable force to be reckoned with in the nightlife/radio scene. The American born/Caribbean raised 32 year old all around entertainer is a beautiful lady Libra and MILF, who loves being in the gym ALMOST as much as she loves being on stage. She sees both as an expression of her love for life and therapy for her mind, body and soul!

A social media GODDESS, Hot Sauce can be found on any given Sunday (Monday, Tuesday or ANY damn day) posting pics and commentary from her latest events around town, or keeping followers expertly entertained with her weekly, much loved and highly anticipated Snapchat rants!

Find her on the Book, the Snap, the Gram, and Twitter at @MsHotSauce2u as an event host, Hot Sauce brings an undeniable energy of excitement, fun and professionalism to any and every stage, sidewalk. platform, or runway that she blesses with her confidence, grace, style and ability to make EVERYONE in attendance smile. Her antics, and down to earth nature lock her in as the best all around and no event is too big or too small to add a little Hot Sauce to it!